Client: Plan India

Project Overview: About the Fit successfully fulfilled 5 rounds of tablet requirements for Plan India across various locations.

Scope of Work: Our dedicated teams meticulously handled over 3000 devices, performing MDM (Mobile Device Management) customizations and the installation of tempered glass. The process involved opening boxes, customizing the MDM settings, and fitting tempered glass to ensure device protection.

Execution: The tablets were deployed and configured at multiple Plan India locations, emphasizing our commitment to precision and tailored solutions.

This use case effectively highlights About the Fit’s capability in managing large-scale tablet deployments for clients like Plan India, showcasing our attention to detail and commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions.


Client: Lucknow Vidhan Sabha

Product: Table Mounts

Project Overview: About the Fit successfully provided and deployed 550+ table mounts for Lucknow Vidhan Sabha.

Scope of Work: Our team meticulously handled the procurement and deployment of table mounts tailored to Lucknow Vidhan Sabha’s specifications.

Installation and Implementation: We ensured the precise installation of the mounts at the designated locations within the Vidhan Sabha premises, ensuring functionality and compatibility.

This use case highlights About the Fit’s ability to meet the specific needs of Lucknow Vidhan Sabha by providing and deploying a significant quantity of table mounts, emphasizing our dedication to tailored solutions and client satisfaction.


Client: Mobile Deployment for Havells

Project Overview: About the Fit successfully managed the delivery of 1600+ units of Samsung A14 mobiles to end-users at 1600+ diverse locations for Havells.

Scope of Work: Our team ensured meticulous last-mile delivery, reaching each designated location promptly, showcasing our commitment to logistical proficiency.

Customization and Timely Execution: Addressing the specific customer requirement, we skillfully customized the mobiles by designing and packaging them with Havells branding stickers. This customization was seamlessly integrated within a tight timeframe of just 3 days.

Operational Excellence: The swift execution of delivery and customization, all within the specified timeframe, highlights our operational excellence and ability to meet challenging deadlines.

This use case demonstrates About the Fit’s capability in managing large-scale mobile deployments for Havells, emphasizing our logistical efficiency and ability to meet strict deadlines while ensuring customized solutions for our clients.